Our Story

Care Design New York was created with the involvement and participation of over sixty agencies with long and successful histories of specializing in the provision of services to children and adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Our story is rooted specifically in the provision of Medicaid Service Coordination. The agencies recognized that with the requirement for New York State to provide Medicaid Service Coordination in a conflict-free way, and to increase the provision of that service to a more elevated “Care Management”, they wanted to be involved and on the forefront of that transformation. We are stronger with the involvement of all of our partners. One in particular, Partners Health Plan (PHP), is the only managed care health plan for individuals with IDD in New York State.

Our mission is to provide high quality, conflict free, person-centered comprehensive care management services. Care Managers (formerly Medicaid Service Coordinators), incorporate health and wellness supports as they assist individuals in combining all their supports into one integrated and individualized Life Plan including the services authorized by OPWDD.

Our Beliefs and Values

We believe that all services available to families and individuals with developmental disabilities should be:

  • Person centered
  • Holistic
  • Individualized
  • Responsive to changing needs
  • Culturally sensitive and ethnically diverse
  • Provided right in your Community
  • Based on individual choice

How Will We Achieve the Transition of Medicaid Service Coordination Services to Care Management Services Together?

All of the Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) employees from the agencies that have aligned with Care Design NY will be offered employment with us so that you can retain your relationship with your current MSC.

MSCs transitioning to care manager positions will be directly employed by Care Design NY from the start of operations July 1, 2018; however, they will continue to be located at their current agency locations for some time, as this will ensure the most effective service provision to individuals.

We will work with you, and your current service providers, to assist you to identify your life goals to develop a Life Plan for specific to your needs and desires.

We will use electronic documentation and communication custom-built care management software specifically tailored to meet individual needs, including the needs of children.


James F. Moran

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Anne Ogden, LMSW

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Board of Managers

Each member of the Board comes from an organization, founded by families, with a rich history of providing supports and services to individuals with IDD and their families.

Management Committee

  • Ed Matthews, Chair
  • Donna Colonna, Vice Chair
    Carmine Marchionda, Secretary
    Matthew Sturiale, Treasurer
    Ann Hill
    Arthur Webb
    George Contos
    Kirk Lewis
    Chris Lyons
    Laurie Kelley
    Marco Damiani
    Ric Swierat
    Stanfort Perry
    Stanley Silverstein
    William Guarinello
    Yvette Watts
  • We have many experienced, talented and committed employees planning to join our workforce. Here are the comments from the employees who submitted CDNY Employee Transition Form.

    • My experience as an Medicaid Service Coordinator is an everyday learning experience.
    • My role as a MSC and working with this population over the years has equipped me with the ability to navigate the system as well as a variety of resources, that has enable me to better support and help the people with intellectual and physical challenges and their families.
    • I am motivated and enthusiastic, and would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your company's success.
    • Proficient in learning new tasks quickly and exceeding expectations.
    • I bring a great deal of enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge to my call.
    • I am very loyal, a team player, and ready for the new challenges that await.
    • Flexibility, teamwork, and respect, compassion, empathy and understanding.
    • I'm well-organize and details person with lots of patient, fast learner as well as self-motivated, and great team player with positive attitude


    At Care Design New York, rest assured that we will help you; we will advocate with you, and for you, to have access to the most integrated services and all the information you need to make informed choices for a meaningful life.

    Where We Are

    What if someone wants to choose Care Design NY but it does not appear that you are providing services in their county of residence?

    OPWDD and DOH have determined that CCOs may provide services to individuals who are currently served by the CCOs affiliated MSC agencies in neighboring counties of the CCOs approved service area. Thus, if your MSC agency is affiliated with CDNY, then you may select them to provide services even if you do not see your county highlighted on our map.
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