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RHIO Consent Matrix

Below is the map of the RHIOs, the counties in which they operate and the associated CCOs.

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Information for Providers

  • CDNY brings existing experience in care coordination and the technology, tools and processes required to successfully move from the MSC service model to Care Management.
  • It ensures care continuity across medical and non-medical services, from acute to long-term care settings.
  • It provides CCO partners with access to data needed for performance measurement and value-based outcomes tracking. You can link your electronic record to CDNY to send and receive information.
  • CDNY will be working with the Medisked platform (currently being used successfully by PHP), which has custom-built care management software specifically tailored to meet individual needs, including the needs of children, and regulatory requirements.
  • MSC staff transitioning to care coordination will be directly employed by CDNY from the start of operations. CDNY will not be offering the employee leasing option in transition.
  • CDNY would like our care coordinators to continue to work at their current agency locations, as this will ensure the most effective service provision to the individuals on their caseloads. We will lease space and equipment from you, if you agree.
  • There is no cost to enter into an affiliation agreement with CDNY.
  • CDNY, through its close working relationship with Partners Health Plan, affords its affiliates the unique advantage of direct access to a provider-led Managed Care Organization. When managed care is implemented, you will want PHP because it is not-for-profit and mission-driven. PHP and CDNY share your values!
  • CDNY will also offer membership in PHP for those individuals with IDD who receive both Medicaid and Medicare. The benefits to the individual are far greater than can be offered by any other plan and the plan is available to individuals now. Ask us for more information.

Information for MSCs and Supervisors

  • New York State’s current plan is to implement the new Care Management program July 1, 2018.
  • All staff will be directly employed by CDNY from the start of operations.
  • CDNY will be working closely with all agencies to ensure a seamless transition.
  • To the extent possible, employees will continue to work at their current agency locations at least for the first year.
  • CDNY plans to offer a very competitive wage and benefits package that will adequately and fairly compensate more experienced care coordinators. Keep in mind, though, that you will be working for a new employer whose salary and benefits structure will not be identical to that of your current employer.
  • NYS anticipates hiring care managers and supervisors with a college degree and related experience but will, within the guidance from OPWDD, allow for “grandparenting in” of MSCs and supervisors who may not meet certain new OPWDD requirements.
  • CDNY will offer a robust training program that meets all state and federal requirements and that is person-centered, provider-integrated and mission-driven. You may be awesome now, but we will make you better!

    OPWDD Consent and Enrollment Information

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