November 14, 2019

Care Design NY has aligned with Partners Health Plan!

To our Workforce, Members and Families:

We are excited to announce that it is now official, Care Design NY (CDNY), the largest Care Coordination Organization (CCO), has aligned with Partners Health Plan (PHP), which is currently the only provider-led managed care plan solely supporting individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in the Country.

Under the new alignment, Partnerships, the parent organization to PHP, will also become the parent to CDNY making PHP and CDNY “sister agencies”.  This alignment is consistent with New York State’s vision for the move to managed care by developing strong, provider-led managed care plans built from the foundation CCOs have laid for comprehensive care coordination and the investments they are making for managed-care start-up costs.

The two organizations will be strengthened by supporting each other and sharing resources to be more effective and efficient. From a workforce perspective, this action will not result in anyone losing their job.

From the standpoint of our membership and their families, this alignment will only strengthen our ability in the long term to assist members in accessing the supports and services they need to achieve their life goals, while promoting good health and wellness.

We look forward to the future and making a difference in the lives of our members!

Thank you,

James Moran, CEO, Care Design NY

Kerry Delaney, CEO, Partners Health Plan

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