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    Lessons on Autism Acceptance

    Beneath every behavior there is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause. - Ashleigh Warner

During April Autism Acceptance Month, we are excited to unveil this resources page for information and insights through stories.  Our shared goal is to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism.  We invite you to join the conversation. 

It is through lived experiences that we can understand and help other people understand too.  Let’s learn and grow from each other.  Care Managers who support individuals with autism are also sharing their insights and knowledge.  We hope you will bookmark this site and check back often!   

IN THEIR WORDS: Stories and insights from People with autism, their families, their providers, and Care Managers.

Ben's Story

Care Design NY Member Ben has Autism and shares with us his experiences at work, at home, and tells us about his hobbies and fun activities he enjoys.

Joe's Story

Joe’s mother describes their family’s journey from the day that Joe was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to today, as a goal-oriented young man in his 20’s with dreams and aspirations that are crushing it! His mantra?  “JUST DO IT!” 

Charlene's Story

Charlene, a Care Design NY Care Manager shares her experiences with an individual she supports.

Ben's Story

People with Autism often struggle with finding meaningful employment. Here’s Ben’s remarkable story and essays on his journey and his advice for others living with autism.

Erik's Story

Erik, a Com Hab employee, shares his thoughts on the role of Com Hab and how community engagement fosters friendship & goodwill for those with Autism.

IN THE MEDIA: Books, poems, videos, and news stories elevating autism awareness and acceptance

The Autism Job Club

The Autism Job Club is a groundbreaking book for bringing adults with autism and other neuro-diverse conditions into the work world. 

Welcome to Holland

Welcome to Holland is an inspirational poem by Emily Perl Kingsley about the experience of raising a child with a disability.

10 Things People with Autism Wish you knew

Enjoy this enlightening article by Parent's Lounge.


Do you have a great story you would like to share with our readers? It could be a story about yourself or someone you know living with a disability, or even about how a Care Manager or disability service provider has impacted or improved your quality of life or that of a loved one.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Facts & Statistics

Please use these resources to learn more about ASD.

Do you have a resource that has made a difference in your life, the life of a loved one? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? 

ASD is a developmental disability according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) caused by differences in the brain. Their abilities can vary significantly between individuals. ASD impacts the entire family and daily life can be challenging in trying to meet the complex needs of a loved one.

Therefore, identifying resources to improve the quality of life is key for everyone involved. Care Design NY supports many individuals with ASD and their families identifying supports and services that can help them live their best lives. 

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