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Care Design NY is a Care Coordination Organization/Health Home for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). 

Our care coordination and management services are available in 30 New York State counties, in your primary language, and with a sensitivity to your religious and cultural background.  We coordinate disability supports and services, incorporating health and wellness needs. 

Your Care Manager has the responsibility to make sure you are supported in all the ways that lead to the healthiest outcomes for you and they take a whole-person approach to understanding your unique needs and how to achieve your desired goals.  This means that your needs and preferences are most important and the guiding force behind everything we do.

A Care Manager works with a network of providers to plan and manage the disability services and supports, incorporating health and wellness needs, so members may live a quality life.

Watch the "I AM ASSESSEMENT and LIFE PLAN" video below to better understand how a Care Manager and member work together to understand quality of life goals -- what is important to each individual and where they want support so they may live a quality life. 

The "Life Plan" will evolve as person's needs change to ensure desired life goals for optimal physical, mental, and emotional outcomes.

Care Design NY Care Managers are knowledgeable, professional, respectful, and good listeners.  Click on the buttons below to learn more on what to expect from a Care Manager and their role in supporting a person's overall wellness.


The Care Design NY team is assessing experiences of individuals who receive I/DD Health Home services from us through a confidential survey.

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New Health and Wellness Text Message Program

Tips to stay healthy at your fingertips! Care Design NY is excited to announce the launch of our new text message program. The program will provide members with reminders about health, wellness, and preventive care to better support our members to achieve their best health and quality of life

The I Am Assessment & The Life Plan Video

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    Do you have Questions, Suggestions or Feedback?

    Providing care management supports and services for Individuals and Families is at the center of everything we do at Care Design NY. Do you have questions, suggestions, or feedback to help us continue to provide you with the very best in care management supports and services?
    Please contact Care Design NY Care Management Member support with any feedback, concerns or requests.

    Resources for Families

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    Person Centered
    Planning Notice

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    ADA Rights & Reasonable

    Learning About Incidents

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    Grievance Process 
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    What You Need to Know
    About Incidents

    Managed Care Frequently Asked Question and Answers

    In July and August of 2019, Care Design NY held managed care focus groups in four regions throughout New York State (NYS), including Long Island, Manhattan, Hudson Valley and Capital District/ North Country. The Focus Groups were facilitated by a neutral third-party contractor.

    We invite you to visit our FAQ page to review questions discussed during the Focus Groups along with answers to assist you with information pertaining to managed care.

    Register for Member & Family Updates

    See the events calendar below and select the event you would like to attend. Follow the instructions within each of the event details. 

    Contact Care Design NY

    Please use our office lines during normal business hours.


    Emergency After Hours: 1-877-855-3673

    The emergency after hours number will only be in operation after 5:00pm to 8:30am on business days, weekends, and Care Design NY holidaysPlease only use emergency number for urgent matters that cannot wait until the next business day. 

    Contact Compliance

    Visit the Compliance Program page for information about the Care Design NY Compliance Program and for contact information to be used by anyone to report a suspected violation of the code of conduct, compliance guidelines, operational policies, a law or regulation, or other concern to the compliance offices. 

    Compliance Program

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    Care Design NY provides care coordination throughout New York State, New York City and Long Island. View regional coverage areas.

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